Hot and spicy food with a pot of toddy

The food-loving community of Kerala is always very particular about the food they consume; anything less than awesome will receive huge thumbs down here. They are also always on the look-out for new flavors. As a result, they are pioneers in discovering and experimenting with new delicacies and are ready to spend any amount of money to satisfy their food needs. The toddy shops in Kerala are a ‘must visit’ places for such food maniacs.

Purakkattiri is a beautiful village in Calicut district, which is famous for its scenic beauty since it has a river flowing on all its three sides. But today this village has marked its name among the list of Kozhikode’s famous food destinations with its one and only air conditioned toddy shop that offers some of the spicy and delicious dishes. It’s not just a toddy shop; it’s actually a food hub.


Starting from the classic combo, Kappa and Meen curry (mashed tapioca & fish curry), the menu extends to crab curry, tharavu erachi (Duck fry), kakka erachi (Mussels fry), Karimeen Porichathu (Fried pearl spots) , Fish curry, puttu and many more. You can feel the mind blowing smell and taste of naadan food along with the traditional organic alcoholic beverage of Kerala, ‘Kallu'(toddy). Apart from all this, another major attraction of the shappu is the Puzhameen dishes (river fish) which are exclusively captured for this toddy shop. For that, they have their own boat and fishing nets.

The main highlights of the toddy shop are crab curry, tharavu curry and karimeen pollichathu and majority of the customers including families prefer the same. Puttu with tharavu curry is a great combination.

The new generation toddy shops are more accessible with a touch of sophistication and this one is a perfect example for that. Thus, this place has now become a regular hub for families and small groups also. There are both A/c and non A/c sections, as most of the air conditioned cabins are occupied by families usually. Since the foods served in these shappus (toddy shop) are fresh, spicy and preservatives free, it adds to good health.

In many parts of Kerala, the old and traditional shappus made of palm leaves and coconut leaves were timely shifted to air conditioned toddy parlors. The wide varieties of delicacies available in these shappus also make them choosier among other hotels. Moreover, the services provided by these shops are very good and so that it just feels like a normal hotel when we sit there. It is same in the case of Purakkattiri toddy shop also.

Another main plus point of this shappu is that unlike other hotels, your orders will be ready on the tables within a short time and there is no need to wait for long by watering your mouth. For those who are mad about spicy cuisines, must try this Kozhikode version of shappu foods. You can enjoy Purakkattiri shappus wild spicy mixes till 9pm.


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