Factors behind the success of Tally software

Perfect accounting software is the backbone of a business. Only good accounting software will be able to take your business to the next level as well as helps you to keep your business records safe and up to date. Tally is one of the best accounting software available in the market today and majority of the companies prefer tally as their main accounting tool. It is a very simple and powerful tool, which supports all kinds of businesses and accounting operations. There are several reasons behind the success of Tally software and few of them are listed below:


More reliability: Tally ensures very high data reliability, which helps you to recover the data any time you needed. It is also one of the most robust accounting tools that store your data in the database without any loss of information during a power failure and system shutdown.

Secure your data: Tally ensures 100% data security and avoids all kinds of information grouping, which happens in the case of other accounting tools. Tally also protects your data from all the possible external interventions that may modify or destroy your data, if allowed.

Easy to maintain: Easy maintenance is one of the key advantages of Tally software, which makes it one of the best accounting tools in the market. Previous versions of Tally were less user-friendly and therefore you always needed the help of a service person for its maintenance. But the recent version is so simple that you can even run and maintain the software yourself without the help of a service expert.

Supports internet: This is another major feature of Tally that makes it the most flexible accounting and ERP software available in the market. Not all the accounting software provide internet facilities but Tally do. This enables you to move all kinds of your offline data through HTTPS, SMTP, ODBC, HTTP and FTP.

Multiple language options: Multiple language support is another feature behind the popularity of Tally software. With this feature, tally became a universal accounting software and many MNC’s prefer Tally to carry out their accounting operations.

Tally is cheap: Tally is very cheap compared to other accounting and ERP software available in the market. This makes it more affordable for small businesses and as a result, it is widely used.


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