All about Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a process to identify potential threats and warnings that affect a computer or a network. Ethical hacking can be performed by a company or an individual and it helps to ensure system security by finding out any weak points in the network, which may be easily tracked by mischievous hackers. The information gained through the ethical hacking process is then used by the company to upgrade the system security and to reduce the possible threats. The person who performs ethical hacking process is called an ethical hacker. There is a huge difference between ethical hacking and non-ethical hacking. The reason for non-ethical hacking is personal gain, damage etc., whereas ethical hacking totally aims to improve the system security and other operations. But, for hacking to be considered as ethical, the hacker must obey certain rules. Few of them are listed below:


Remember your goals: The primary goal of an ethical hacker is to find out the loopholes and weak spots in the system or network that are likely to be attacked by malicious hackers. Then he must obtain solutions to seal these loopholes and weak spots.

Must seek permission: You must get a written permission from your organization or client before starting the hacking process. This will help you to avoid possible legal consequences in the future. The letter must clearly state that you are permitted to carry out security checks and tests on this particular company’s network or system.

Keep a record of your work: It is good to keep a record of all the processes you have done, what you have tested and what results you got. This will help you to analyze the conditions and will be useful for future proceedings.

Make everything confidential: While doing ethical hacking you will be forced to deal with other individuals or organizations personal information. Therefore, you must learn to respect others privacy and must keep all the information as confidential.

Try to provide progress updates: In most cases, the ethical hacking process may take several days or weeks. Therefore, you must keep the organization updated with your testing progress. This will help the individual or organization to remain patient and confident in your work.


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