Follow these steps to improve your Salsa dance steps

Salsa is a popular rhythmic and sensual kind of social dance, which is mainly performed in night clubs, bars, ballrooms, restaurants and in outdoor festivals. Originated in New York City, Salsa extends its roots to Latin American countries like Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Colombia. ‘Salsa’ means mixture and the movements in salsa dance are related to many other dance forms like Cha-cha-cha, Mambo etc.  Salsa dancing is all about how well you perform the salsa dance steps, turns, and hip movements. You can keep these points in mind to improve your salsa dance steps while performing:


Group classes are better: Taking group classes for learning salsa will provide you more opportunities to interact and dance with many salsas professional. In group classes, you will get the assistance of an instructor and he will guide you to the right steps. Moreover, it will help you to become more comfortable with performing salsa dance steps for a variety of music.

Try some private lessons as well: Although group classes make you more social and confident enough to perform salsa steps, private lessons help you to learn higher levels and advanced steps very quickly. It will provide you more concentration and allow you to improve the steps quickly.

Observe other dancers: Observation skill is essential for a salsa dancer. As a dancer, you need to watch the performances of all the famous salsa dancers across the globe. This will provide you more ideas to improve your salsa style and patterns. Moreover, this also improves your confidence level and make you more professional.

Practice ab-strengthening exercises: Salsa dance steps include lots of twists and turns. Therefore, you need strong abs to support the spin move and to maintain better body balance. Practicing ab-strengthening exercises will help you to remain strong and flexible enough to perform every move without much trouble.

Analyse yourself: The best way to improve your salsa dance is through self-assessment. Try to record every performances and practice sessions using a video camera and analyse it later. This will help you to improve your performance level by correcting those weak areas.


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