How to begin your yoga practice?

Anyone who wishes to have a peaceful mind and healthy body can practice yoga and there are no age limitations for it. If you are a beginner, you may feel some difficulty in practicing few poses at the initial stage. But don’t worry, you will get used to it within 3-4 days and will feel more relaxed than before. For a beginner, it is good to have some basic knowledge about yoga and its benefits. Remember to keep these things in mind before starting yoga practice:


Be confident in yourself: First of all, you must be confident in yourself and always keep these two words ‘you can’ in your mind. All the people are different from one another in their body structure, flexibility, grasping power etc. Some may be able to perform all these asanas very easily compared to others and don’t feel disappointed if you are a slow performer.

Find a qualified yoga trainer: Always start your yoga training under the guidance of qualified and experienced yoga teacher. Only a well-experienced yoga teacher will be able to teach you correct yoga poses without any error. Performing yoga poses in the wrong posture may cause a negative impact on your body and can only be avoided with the help of an experienced trainer.

Only wear comfortable outfits : Since yoga poses include lots of stretchings and twists, it is better to wear a comfortable and loose dress. Also, try to avoid jewelry, belts etc. while practicing yoga and feel relaxed.

Don’t eat anything before yoga: It is better to perform yoga with an empty stomach. If you already had your meals then don’t practice yoga for the next four hours. Moreover, try to drink at least 4 liters of water every day because it will help you in the digestion process and for the removal of body toxins.


Take a Warm-up: Performing warm ups before yoga makes your body muscles loose and helps to reduce the risk of getting injured during the workout.

Talk to your instructor: Have a regular chat with your yoga teacher about your experiences with different asanas, difficulties that you are facing while performing various asanas, doubts etc. This helps your yoga instructor to understand your capabilities and customize yoga poses to avoid further difficulties.

Push yourself to do more: Complete the whole sequences shown by the instructor and try to stretch yourself a bit more beyond that. Because that will make yoga more interesting and will provide you enough confidence to perform difficult asanas.

Relax: Once you are done with all the asanas, don’t get up and run. Take some time to lie down and relax so that your body will absorb all the energy produced. Moreover, relaxing helps to cool down your body and mind after continuous yoga exercise.


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