The world of music, the world of guitar…

We all know that, during parties, stage shows, and solo performances, guitar players always grab a huge attention of the crowd. They will be the ultimate point of attraction and the crowd will respond with loud cheers to every guitar strings. You may also have cheered and screamed for many live guitar performances. But, did anybody ever realized how these guitarists master all these techniques, what kind of guitars they are using and all. If not, you must try to find out it at least once, because it may surprise you.


Performing with the guitar is not a child’s play. Therefore mastering all the techniques and notes is not a simple task neither. If you are a beginner, you need to know what is a guitar and the types of guitars before moving into the lessons. There are mainly 2 kinds of guitars available in the market, which are Acoustic guitars and Electric guitars.

Acoustic guitars are again classified into three types namely Classical, Steel String and Electric guitars. Classical or nylon string guitars are mainly beginners level guitars created for unfamiliar fingers and they may sound very boring once you complete the basics. Whereas, a steel string acoustic guitar are much louder and brilliant than classical guitars. It also allows to perform all the styles like rock, jazz, folk etc. and is much more flexible than the other one.

Now, here comes the third type, the electric guitars. Everyone needs to be an electric guitarist since they are much more advanced than other categories and are often used to rock the stage performances. Moreover, electric guitars are much easier to learn and play because of its low string action. But, it needs separate acoustic output sources to boost its sound.

While playing guitar, you need to keep a focus on the effects that are generally used with various genre of music. One of the most difficult genres is the rock because it uses almost all the effects. Most of the effects like distortion, overdrive, delay, reverb, chorus etc. are often used with the rock. On the other hand, the blues genre is less complicated compared to rock because blues players always try to make things clean. Other genres of music in which guitars mainly used are Jazz, Country, Pop, and Metal.


Normally, acoustic guitar’s body and neck parts are made from woods like mahogany, ash, maple, basswood, poplar, walnut etc. Unlike other musical instruments, the guitar has several parts. The top part of an acoustic guitar consist of its head and tuning keys. These tuning keys help us to adjust the pitch of the guitar. Then comes the nut and neck part, fingerboards, frets, strings and position markers, the body, sound hole and pick guard, saddle and bridge etc. Apart from all these, there are separate guitar accessories like strap locks, straps, guitar cables, picks, guitar stands and rests, knobs, and other parts and hardware, which can be used according to the player’s comfort.

While playing guitar you need to keep few things in mind. Firstly, start playing guitar only after knowing about all the above-mentioned parts and accessories. Then learn to hold the guitar properly. Tuning the guitar is another important step that you need to focus on because playing guitar which is not in tune may feel disturbing. Then slowly you need to practice holding the strings and pick. Moreover, follow your guitar teacher’s instructions strictly and don’t forget to practice regularly.


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