What is 2D and 3D animation?

Do you remember Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto? Once these four were the superstars of our animation industry and the best friends of every kid. There was a time when we use to run from school after the last bell in order to see these characters on our television screen. But today’s generation may wonder who these characters are when you ask about them. They were the real superstars during the era of 2D animation and time had made them veterans since the evolution of 3D animation. 3D animation techniques changed the face of animation by introducing the concept of  depth in the field of animation. It also took over many limitations of 2D animations and became very popular in a short period of time. There are many differences between 2D and 3D animations that you must learn before choosing animation as a career option. Few of them are listed below:


2D Animation

2 Dimensional: 2D animation can only create 2-dimensional characters. That means the character will only have its height and width but no depth.

Traditional animation: 2D animation characters are created using traditional drawing method that is the cell animation method. Here, each action of the character is created frame by frame using normal hand drawing. Modern 2D animators use software for creating action sequence. They only need to create the first action and the software will develop the remaining motion sequence automatically.

Cost effective: 2D animation is very cheap compared to 3D animation and can be produced in a short period of time. It only needs skilled personnel who are able to draw and sketch.

Not good for concept design: 2D animation is not suitable for concept design since it can only display the 2 dimensions of an architecture or model.

Easy error correction: It is very easy to fix the errors in 2D animation because you only need to redraw the particular action or sequence if something went wrong.


3D Animation

3 Dimensional: In 3D animation, all the characters will be 3 dimensional. That means the character poses its height, width, and depth. They will be more realistic compared to 2D characters and can create real lifelike characters.

Uses software: 3D animation includes different steps like modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, rendering etc. and is performed with the help of computer software.

Expensive: When it comes to 3D animation, time is money. That means the time taken for rendering will be more and you have to pay for each second. Also, 3D animation involves several steps and each step requires skilled professionals to complete the process. So you need to pay more to get that skilled labour.

No limitations: 3D animations have no limitations compared to 2D animation. The 3D software provides several options to which you will be able to create and animate anything that is beyond your imaginations.

Good for conceptual designing: 3D animation is perfect for conceptual designing as they can provide a 3-dimensional view of the model. The 3D software provides camera options which enable the user to create a detailed view of the model in different angles.


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