What is Cyber Security? What are its advantages?

As technology grows, the crimes related to technology also increases. Cyber-crimes are one of the crime categories, which is very difficult to tackle. There are many security measures that are already in action to prevent these kinds of cyber-crimes. Cyber security is a modern version of information technology security that is designed to protect computers, networks, data and programs from any kind of cyber-attack, damage or unauthorized access. Today, government organizations, military, finance sector, hospitals etc., deals with lots of confidential data on computers and they use to pass this information to many other networks around the globe. Therefore, this confidential information needs to be protected from cyber-attacks and cyber security helps keep them out of hackers reach. The main advantages of cyber security are:


Protection from viruses: Cyber security offers protection from all kinds of virus attacks, worms, malware attacks, spyware and all other unwanted programs which may cause serious threats to your system or network.

Protection from data theft: Data theft is a major problem faced by individual users. Cyber security provides many tools and measures to prevent data theft. You can protect your date from theft by using certain measures like creating password protection, encrypting data, keeping your OS and software up to date, by proper disposal of sensitive data etc.

Protection from hackers: Cyber security protects your system and network from being hacked by others. You can use the following measures to get rid of hackers: Use tough passwords, keep on changing your password at least in every week, by clearing your browsing history, try to avoid WI-Fi, using anti-virus protections etc.

Reduces computers crash: Following cyber security measures helps you to reduce your computer slow down and freezing. It helps to boost the performance of your system and sometimes automatically recovers from serious errors. For this you can perform certain tasks like update your system regularly, uninstalls unwanted applications, turn off visual effects, run virus scans, defragmentation of hard disks, clean up windows registry etc.

Gives privacy to users: After all, following cyber security measures provide more privacy to the users. It allows you to store your data and files anywhere in the system without any fear of cyber-attack.



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