Why you should learn Adobe Photoshop

Towards the end of 20th century, computers became very popular and they took over most of the human processes. This lead to the fall of analog era and the rise of the digital age, which lead to the invention of many cutting edge technologies and machinery. Like all other sectors, It also made many developments in the field of photography and videography. It replaced old analog cameras and photography techniques with new digital cameras, memory cards, light sensors, image editing software etc. Adobe Photoshop was also developed as a part of this digitization process and it gradually replaced the old still film editing techniques.

Photoshop is one of the most popular and widely used raster image editing software in the world. It was released in 1990 by the famous Adobe systems and gained huge popularity within a short period of time. Today, almost all the professional photographers and graphic designers use Photoshop to enhance their works. Moreover. photoshop is the only image editing software that comes with an easy learning platform and most advanced tools that can even easily learn by the beginners.


Photoshop comes with the most important feature of layers, which helps the users to modify or edit one part of the image without affecting other parts. Layers act as  transparent papers, which are kept one over the other and it allows the user to place or arrange the objects in the design wherever he needed. Photoshop allows the user to adjust the opacity of these layers so that the content from one layer can be merged with another layer contents. Layers also help us to perform certain techniques like multiple image composition, importing vector graphic shapes, writing text over images etc.

Another important feature of Adobe Photoshop is its tools palette that is equipped with some of the most advanced and sophisticated selection, cropping and editing tools. The selection procedures in Photoshop can be made easy with the help of the 3 types of lasso tools available in the tools palette. Moreover, there are many other selection tools like quick selection tool, magic wand tool, and several marquee tools, which offer easy selection methods and can be used according to the level of designing.

Apart from that there are tools like healing brush tool, spot healing brush tool, patch tool, red-eye tool, clone stamp tool, smudge tool, dodge tool, burn tool etc., which helps the user to edit and correct photographs more accurately than any other image editing software. Photoshop’s brush tool offers a variety of brushes that can be used to create artistic designs and backgrounds. There are several websites that provide options to download brushes for your Photoshop version.

Unlike other photo editing software, Photoshop has a number of other features that can only be mastered under the guidance of an expert teacher. The options like mode selection, filters, color, contrast, hue, saturation, levels etc. are far better compared to any other image editors available in today’s market. The bad thing about the photograph is that it always reminds us about our age better than anything else. But the good thing about Photoshop is that it helps us to remain young at least in these photographs.


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