Tips to Improve IELTS Writing Skills

Qualifying IELTS is very important for those people who wish to study or work abroad. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most important test to be cleared by those candidates, who want to take their career to the next level. IELTS is essential for those who are planning to migrate to foreign countries where English is the medium for communication. Most of the academic institutions across the countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA accepts IELTS. Apart from providing good career opportunities, IELTS training also helps you to improve your Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Here are a few tips that will help you to advance your writing skills:


Never write too less or too much: There are certain word limits for task 1 and task 2 of IELTS writing section. The word count for task 1 is 150 words and for task 2 it is 250 words. Don’t write anything lesser or higher than this word limits because it can reduce your band score. The examiner always searches for quality instead of quantity and therefore try to provide good content.

Plan and write: Don’t attend the IELTS writing questions without proper planning and understanding. Take some time to read the questions carefully and brainstorm your ideas before writing it. Give equal importance to all questions and set certain time limit to solve each of them. Finally, don’t forget to check your answers once again before submitting the paper.

Concentrate on Task 2: Actually, task 2 questions carry more marks than task 1. Therefore, it is better to concentrate more and spend more time on task 2 questions so that you can score good marks.

Write clearly: There is nothing to do with your handwriting in IELTS writing section and the examiner will only be looking at the way you write each answer. Therefore, try to write more clearly and precisely so that the examiner can read them easily without any trouble.

Never copy the question: Many candidates have the habit of using the exact words from the question for providing an introduction to the answer. This is a very bad way of answering and never do this while writing IELTS exam. You can use the question in your answer but make sure that you have changed the words and sentence structure.

Never skip the instructions: This is one of the important IELTS writing tips to keep in mind before attending the IELTS exam. Read all the instructions carefully before attending the questions because they will help you to avoid many simple mistakes.


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