Does Social Media Bring People Together Or Isolate Them?

We are living in an era, where technology decides everything in a person’s life including his education level, lifestyle, friend circle and even his future. The advancement in the field of Information and Communication Technology is beyond our imagination and is still growing at a fast pace. As a result, hundreds of communication tools are being introduced into the market every year and that reduces the face to face conversations between human beings. If we conduct a detailed analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of social media, we can find that it brings people together in most situations and also isolates them as well.


It is a fact that the use of social media and social interaction tools had reduced the gap between us and far away people. The older communication tools like letters, telegrams, telephones etc., had been replaced with emails, chats and video conferencing that can get you instant feedback. The social media tools like Skype, IMO and Facebook video chat lets you visually interact with anyone, at any time, across the globe. For many reasons, social media bring people together. Mostly, it let us connect with those people, whom we lost contact over many years and also helps us to find out better job opportunities.

With the popularity of social media and other social interaction tools, people became lazier and hesitant to directly interact with their family, friends and colleagues. Moreover, they became real geeks, who always sit in front of their computer to post stupid statuses and weird selfies. We can see boys and girls eagerly sitting around holding their digital devices closer to their eyes to know what others are posting on their walls of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn profiles. As a result, this young generation always fails to recall how to talk to the person sitting next to, hesitates to share their thoughts and fails to establish healthy relationships as well.

Many studies reveal that being online for a long period of time in an empty space can create a feeling of loneliness since the person’s inner mind gradually develop solitude by over exposure to others happy moments. Thus, overexposure to social media isolates the person even if there are family and friends around to support him. Literally, we can say that social media helps us to get closer to the people who are far away from and makes us farther from those people who are really close to us.


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