Dubai:The City of Hope, Sacrifice and Survival

It is very hard to stay away from your beloved ones. But sometimes you have to; time will automatically separate you from all your affections. You will be forced to leave your family, friends, and love for the moment, in order to make them all happy in the future. He has seen many such situations, but never expected the same in his life. The pain of leaving his family and friends was clearly visible in his face. But he cleverly wiped out his tears and stayed strong until he said his last good bye.  He never looked back after that because he was damn sure that he will make the scene even more emotional than SRK’s ‘Swadesh’ movie.

After a small nap when he opened his eyes he saw the golden horizon through the windows of the plane. Yes, now he is flying over the deserts that will lead him to a new destination, a city of hope, sacrifice and survival; Dubai. Many people had already weaved their dreams here and many yet to. He also belongs to the same category, which is waiting for the right opportunity to weave their hopes.


While getting down from the plane, he felt the heat of the city along with the deep pain hidden inside his heart. But somehow he managed to hide his tears and proceeded towards the exit. As soon as he reached the DXB terminal 2 exit, his company staff greeted him with a smile. He then asked him to get into the car and they moved to Karama, where the stay was arranged.

It was a 3BHK fully furnished flat and the staff showed him the way to his room. He got into the room, kept his luggage in the corner and rested on the bed with a deep breathe. The thought of his hometown, family and friends were still roaming around his head. All of a sudden tears started to stream down from his eyes and sobs shook him. He felt like running away from there and flies back to his motherland. But soon he realised the fact that it was not that easy since he had already agreed the company to stay back for a year. Loads of thoughts circulated through his small brain and he fall asleep, slowly.

The door knocked twice after sometime and he opened his eyes. It was the same office staff with a lunch kit in his hand. He bought a parcel for him from an Indian restaurant. Since it is ‘Ramzan’ season, you are not supposed to eat from outside during day time. He thanked him and the office staff left the room. He again falls asleep after the lunch and that really was a deep sleep.

By the time he got up at 5 O’clock in the evening, the flat owner was there. The flat owner also stays in the same flat with his wife. He introduced himself to the owner and the old man gave few replies back. The flat owner appeared like a suspicious old man who tries to question everything.  For that reason, he doesn’t like him much and he skipped the conversation quickly. He then took a shower and got out from the room for a walk.


The air outside was too much hot and humid that you won’t be able to hold on hardly for not more than an hour. Recalling the memories of his hometown, he walked alone through the streets of Karama for half an hour. The cleanliness and infrastructure of the streets in Dubai made him concerned about the situation of his country. Later, he had his dinner from an Indian restaurant and returned back to the room..

As soon as he got back, he logged into the Skype and called his sister. He saw everyone’s face in his phone screen and felt extremely sad. He ended the conversation very quickly since he knew that he will break into tears very soon. He switched off the light and covered himself with blanket and falls asleep. By the time he tried to regain the confidence, he was already surrounded by the unseen blanket of homesickness.

(To be continued…)


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